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Ok, Sorry...
by . (elira_wiken)
at March 19th, 2007 (04:55 pm)

Ok, I am sorry I know awhile back in Feb. I meantioned making a list of our books, to see if we had any that were the same book. So that in June we could all read one book and then talk about it. This could be rare and none of us having the same book, but it doesn't hurt to look. So today I complied my list (I do have more, but thought I would start with these.) and now I will post it to see what everyone has.

My books as follows:
Night Prayers By PD Cack
Lovers & Players By Jackie Collins
Witchling By Yasmine Galenorn
Sam's Letters to Jennifer By James Patterson
A Walk to Remember By Nicholas Sparks
CSI: Snake Eyes By Max Allan Collins
Key of Light By Nora Roberts
Key of Knowledge By Nora Roberts
Key of Valor By Nora Roberts
All 6 Harry Potter Books By JK Rowling (Will Have 7 Soon)
Queen of the Damned By Anne Rice
Interview With the Vampire By Anne Rice
In the Name of the Vampire By Mary Ann Mitchell
The Demonologist By Michael Laimo
The Relic By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Tyrannosaur Canyon By Douglas Preston
Jurassic Park By Michael Crichton
Sate of Fear By Michael Crichton
Prey By Michael Crichton
Chronicales of Narnia By CS Lewis (All 7)
Lord of the Rings By Tolkien (All 3)
The Hobbit By Tolkien
Unfinished Tales By Tolkien
The Silmarillion By Tolkien
Different Seasons By Stephen King
The Davinci Code By Dan Brown

What do you have?