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Something Fun
by . (elira_wiken)
at January 20th, 2007 (09:07 am)

I thought of this the other night and I thought it might be fun.

Remember back in the days of school where you had to write a book report, well you don't have to, but I thought it would be fun and maybe others might see it and want to read that book. You can either comment here or make your own post.

Here are the questions.

Why or how did you select this book?

What is the time frame (setting) of the book? How do you know?

How much time elapses (passes) from the beginning to the end?

Where does the story take place? How do you know?

Who are the three main characters?

What is the main conflict in the story?

How is it resolved?

If you were the main character, what would you have done?

What did you think was the best part of the book?

What are your favorite new words from the piece?

Do you have any quotations you saved?

What new facts did you learn that you hadn't known before?

What was the main idea of the book?

What kind of symbolic language or symbolic plotting did you see?

Would you like to read other books by the same author? Why?

If you could talk to the author, what would you say? --ask?
Give specific examples.

Would you recommend this book to other students? Why? (What would you tell them to interest them in the book?)

I got thses questions from here.

I will write my book report soon as I ust recently finished "Lovers & Players" by Jackie Collions www.JackieCollins.com and I am starting a new book. I will put mine in a new post myself. Have fun and remember you don't have to do this like we did in school. I just thought it would be interesting.

by ~*~Nicky~*~ (libra_dragon)
at January 19th, 2007 (10:27 pm)

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Hello, My name is Nicky and I heard about this community in xclara_bowx's LJ.
I love to read but I am part time grad student so unfortuntely I have been reading just text books lately. I am still on break from school for about another week and half and hoping to start up reading again.

I love to read mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, or anything legal related. I am hoping to hit the book store this weekend to pick some new books to try and read.

Hope to get to know you all better and learn about some new books to read.


Carolyn [userpic]
by Carolyn (cazzioc)
at January 18th, 2007 (08:20 pm)


I thought i'd join this community after reading about it on  

alexia_nvermnd  's journal. 

I'm at work at present so I can't remember the full details of the books I'm reading, so I'll post again another time.

I'm an absolute book fiend, I read dozens if not hundreds of books a year, and will be reading two or three at the same time.
(Yes I'm fortunate in that I can scan read)

My interests are very varied, I like many genres, but especially crime/ detective, travel, humour and AUTObiographies (I have an aversion to biographies!)

Look forward to getting to know you all.

by . (elira_wiken)
at January 17th, 2007 (10:31 pm)

I read:
Night Prayers By P.D. Cacek
This is a vampire story. About a woman named Allison. She went to a bar and ended up in a hotel with a vampire, who made her one and then left her to fend for herself. It ended in a way I didn't think it would, very intruging in did because there is a young man in there who believes he is doing God's work, no he is not a vampire. You'll just have to read it to see.

I started reading:
Lovers and Players By Jackie Collins (Just Bought)
I am half way through this book and once again Jackie Collins (who is the younger sister of Joan Collins) has not let me down. Her protrayal of Hollywood type people is so dead on. Along with the way she mingles the characters together. That whole 6 degree of seperation so fits in her stories. When I am done with it I will talk about it more.

I will be reading:
Witchling By Yasmine Galenorn (Just bought)
Key Triolgy By Nora Roberts (Just bought)
All 6 Harry Potter books (have) and the 7th when it comes out. (Will buy)

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